Monday, June 1, 2009

New needle cases and crochet hooks

Lantern Moon has beautiful new silk needle cases and ebony and rosewood crochet hooks.

Raw Silk Needle Cases
Silk needle cases in two styles: one for circulars only (with 18 pockets) and another to hold both straights and circulars (holds nine pairs of straight needles and eight pairs of circulars). Raw and patterned silk. Zippered pouch. Nylon reinforced.

Marilyn Horn needle case
Portland knitter Marilyn Horn developed this great silk needle case: taller and wider with 21 narrow pockets for straight needles, double points or crochet hooks, and eight wide pockets for circular needles. In raspberry, raw silk and polka dot habutai silk, with gold taffeta accents.

Ebony and rosewood crochet hooks
Sold individually in sizes D through N or in sets in two size ranges: F - K (6 hooks)and sizes L - N (3 hooks).

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