Friday, May 29, 2009

Eco-friendly yarn

Many companies are turning to hemp in order to make their products more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Hemp is a fast growing plant that is pest resistant reducing the need for both water and pesticides and herbicides. It also helps nourish the soil where it is planted, reducing the need for fertilizer.

Hemp products can provide further environmental benefits when comparing them to products made from other fibers.

Hemp fibers are long, strong, and versatile and can be made into just about anything fiber related.

Hemp for Knitting uses hemp fibers to make eco-friendly yarn. It offers a wide variety of skeins 100% hemp yarn in the most beautiful and vibrant colours.

What started up as a small mail order business in Canada has evolved and Lanaknits Designs Hemp for Knitting is now sold in hundreds of stores across the globe.

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